Cyclical workshops

It is a great option for those who want to develop their creative potential, familiarize with ceramic art rules and relax in a creative atmosphere.

About workshop

You can join these cyclical workshops anytime, whatever your skills are.

Developing manual skills and imagination, relaxing, teaching patience.

Culmination of the process results in your own piece of art!

  • Workshops involve various ceramic techniques:
  • shaping from a roller
  • shaping from a plaster
  • shaping from a plaster
  • shaping from a plaster
  • using textures, shellac
  • engobe covering
  • glazing

Participants decide themselves what kind of object they will create: jewellery, a vessel, a lamp or a garden sculpture. The whole process is coordinated by an experienced instructor.


monday 17.00-21.00 /Kasia/

wednesday 19.00-21.00 /Hania/

thuersday 17.00-20.00 /Kasia/

sunday 29.06.2019 13.00-16.00 /Hania/


Zapraszamy także na warsztaty poranne i południowe- termin do uzgodnienia


Carnet: (8h) 280zł

Single classes (2h) 110zł